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Implants Improving Your Speech
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Group of smiling older women with dental implants from Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Portland, ORMissing teeth cause some problems. First and most noticeably, a smile with teeth missing isn’t very aesthetically pleasing. Speaking and eating normally becomes more difficult with missing teeth. Worse still, your jaw bone loses vitality without the presence of tooth roots to stimulate it. Many people looking to restore their smiles after tooth loss often consider getting dentures.

Drawbacks of Dentures

Dentures are probably the tooth replacement option that comes most readily to mind, but they have some setbacks you should know about. First of all, you will need to remove, clean, and store them every night. Secondly, they are held in place with dental adhesives, which sometimes not work properly, causing the dentures to slip or even fall out. Third, since the dentures rest on your gums and don’t penetrate deep down like your tooth roots once did, your jaw bone won’t receive the stimulation it needs to ward off deterioration.

Another consideration is how dentures affect your speaking ability. Dentures reposition your tongue and may cause you to say certain words differently or make a whistling sound when you speak. Dentures patients are often frustrated by how they sound with their false teeth, but with practice and effort, these problems will go away. But if you’re not willing to undergo these ordeals, then we have other options.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are a more effective option for tooth replacements. Implants are permanent, they resemble natural teeth in their form and function, and they penetrate down into the jaw bone to give it that much-needed stimulation. They also don’t affect your speech as dramatically as dentures do. We also offer All-on-4 treatment, which allows us to replace a whole row of teeth with only four implant posts.

Dental Implants Vs. Dentures

We insert the implants into your jaw bone, allowing them to function as replacement tooth roots. These permanent prosthetic teeth allow us to maintain the structure of your face. Implants also have a much more natural look than dentures since the acrylic used for dentures is visible instead of the natural color of your gums.

Also, since dentures are not fixed to one area of the mouth, they can shift. Implants, on the other hand, are connected to the jaw bone and will not shift. With dental implants, it is easier to speak clearly, and your speech will sound closer to normal. These are all reasons why patients concerned about speech issues prefer implants over dentures.

We’re Here to Help!

Here at Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, our team of skilled dentists has many years of experience prescribing and installing replacement teeth. Dr. Jay P. Malmquist will work closely with you during your consultation to determine what the best option is for you. We’ll consider your medical history, dental history, the list of medications you’re using, and your insurance policy when we make our decision. Please raise any questions or concerns you have before or during the consultation so we can best assist you.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call (503) 446-6776.
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Here at Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, our team of skilled dentists has many years of experience prescribing and installing replacement teeth. Call us today!
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