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Surgical Procedure for the All-on-4® Treatment Concept
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You may be surprised how easy the surgical placement of yourAll-on-4® Treatment Concept is! Much of the work is done in the planning, so when it comes to surgery, we can complete treatment quickly and easily. The All-on-4® Treatment Concept is a minimally invasive surgical, dental procedure that is approved for most patients, including those who are medically delicate. Our staff at Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is excited to meet with you, explain the process, and show you the difference that the All-on-4® Treatment Concept can make.

The All-on-4® Treatment Concept is a surgical, dental procedure designed to retain your dentures using a series of dental implants permanently. Often, this treatment is simply known as implant retained dentures. Unlike other implant procedures, this system is placed and completed as a one-day surgical process, we do not need to grow bone for greater bulk because this process uses longer implants, designed to reach denser bone. Additionally, this procedure is not done in two steps with many months between because we place the implant and your denture at the same time. Patients who are already wearing dentures can simply use the denture they currently own.

Preparing for Surgery

Meeting with our team to plan your implant surgery will include obtaining dental and medical information. We will want to review all medications you are taking and determine if you can heal at a reasonable rate. If you suffer from diabetes, this can decrease your ability to heal, this does not omit you as a candidate, but we will want to determine if it’s under control. Patients who smoke will need to take a break from smoking before and after the surgical process.

During your consultation, we will want to acquire the necessary information for surgical planning, this includes a 3D digital x-ray. Our implant placement is done with precision. The implants we place are longer in length than other implants, they are also placed at an angle, allowing them to be more firmly in place. We will want to review your x-rays to determine the best spots for placement, based on this information, we can determine how many implants are needed for your specific criteria.

Surgical Placement of Implants

With the surgical plan created, we can schedule the surgical procedure. On the day of surgery, we will take the time to ensure that the patient is comfortable, most patients find a local anesthetic to be sufficient, but we can discuss several conscious sedation options as well. Once the patient is comfortable, we will then open the tissue. Following our surgical map, we use a specialized dental drill to create space in the bone and then sink the implant into the bone. The implant is threaded, allowing for maximum contact with the bone. Most patients will receive between four and six implants for each arch.

Following the placement of implants and denture, we will review home care with the patient. For the first few days, you will need to be on the watch for excessive bleeding and symptoms of infection. The soft tissue will heal in just a matter of days, but the hard bone tissue will take several months to heal. The patient will need to consume only soft, easy foods for several months to not jar the implants while the bone heals around them. Once the implants and bone have healed and fused, you will then be able to return to your regular diet.

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You may be surprised how easy the surgical placement of your All-on-4 Treatment Concept is! Click here to learn more and schedule a consultation today.
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