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Sport Related Tooth Injuries

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Sport Related Tooth InjuriesSport-related tooth injuries account for about 40% of all dental injuries that are recorded in the United States. Males are said to be at a higher risk of sport-related tooth injuries with fast-paced sports being the main culprit in these injuries. While dental procedures can now repair the bulk of sport-related tooth injuries, such injuries can have far-reaching consequences for the athlete. The most common sports-related dental injuries include:

Cracked teeth

When a sports athlete sustains a direct blow to the face, the force of the impact could cause their teeth to crack. This manifests in longitudinal cracks or cracks across the surface of the tooth, and they are referred to as 'craze lines' by dental care professionals. Such cracks and fractures are superficial and do not pose a great risk to your dental health. A cracked tooth may not be visible to the naked eye, and you may not even experience any pain or discomfort. This is a good reason why you should schedule regular visits to our team of dentists as they will be able to spot any damage to your teeth.

Fractures to the roots

If the blow to your teeth occurs at certain angles, it may result in a fractured root. A fractured root is where the crack begins at the root level all the way to the outer surface of the tooth. This type of fracture is not easily visible, and you may end up finding out about the fracture when an infection develops. The sooner the problem is addressed with root canal therapy, the lower the chance of tooth loss.

Tooth intrusion

While most sports injuries cause the teeth to get knocked out, some can force the teeth back into the jawbone. This type of dental injury is called an intrusion. An intrusion can destroy the pulp of the tooth, shorten the roots or cause a condition known as ankylosis, whereby the injured root canal fuses onto the alveolar bone. To avoid these injuries from developing further, schedule regular dental care visits with us today.
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