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Dental Implants. Does it hurt?

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Dental Implants. Does it hurt?The most asked question by a patient when they make a dental consultation visit is whether the dental implants' installation hurts. However, in many procedures, the placement of dental implants is a painless procedure.

Among the benefits of implants is that they contribute to improving oral health and the general appearance of the oral cavity. Here are reasons why the placement of dental implants is not painful.

Use of Dental Anesthesia during the Surgical Procedure

Applying anesthesia during dental implant placement reduces the development and occurrence of pain. The anesthesia works for the time duration that the surgery occurs but eventually wears off afterward.

Most people are reluctant to get teeth implants; hence in addition to anesthesia, dental doctors can use a conscious sedation substance that allows the patient to be in a relaxed and less nervous state. Dentists give these sedations to patients with high stress and anxiety levels. Dental anesthesia and conscious sedation allow the process to be simple and bearable.

Furthermore, after placement of the dental implants, painless discomforts may develop that may last for about 24 hours after surgery. However, the afflictions do not produce pain that would be considered extreme for medical attention. These discomforts are relieved by applying ice cubes to the swollen part of the face or taking analgesics such as paracetamols to ease the pain.

However, suppose painful sequences develop after 48 hours of placement of the dental implants. In that case, the cause may be due to an existing undiagnosed teeth infection, or the implant was not compatible hence implant rejection. Furthermore, there are few dental implant rejection cases.

In conclusion, dental implants do not hurt, and the placement procedure is easy, quick, and doable. However, the patient should seek advanced dental attention if pain develops during and after placement procedures.

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