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What is oral maxillofacial surgery?

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
What is oral maxillofacial surgery?Oral maxillofacial surgery is when a professional correct injuries, diseases, and defects of the mouth, jaw, or face. It is done by an oral maxillofacial surgeon who corrects the trauma. There is a wide range of activities where the wisdom teeth are removed to the palate surgery and cleft lip. For one to be considered for the surgery, the surgeon examines the trauma and the extent of damage and then corrects it.

How does a patient need to know before undergoing an OMS.

There are potential risks in oral maxillofacial surgery, and the patient should know them before attending the procedure. These include a change in bite and jaw alignment, there is a change in one's appearance the facial nerves might be damaged and can cause numbness. Their facial muscle control can be lost. There is ongoing pain on the nerves. There might be a change in the airflow, excessive bleeding, post-operative infection, depending on the condition being treated and the purposes of the surgery. That is how a patient prepares for the surgery.

Things to consider before attending an oral maxillofacial surgery.

The patient needs to consider the location where the surgery is happening. Some simple activities like tooth extractions and dental procedures happen in an office, but the reconstructive processes that require surgery are performed in a theatre. What to wear during the process? A patient might be required to wear a hospital gown and a surgical bib when having dental surgery; a patient is advised to wear something that can be washed by a machine wear something comfortable. Food and drinks if there is any form of sedation or the patient is undergoing anesthesia, one has to take some food strictly. If the surgery is set in the morning, one is advised to stop eating from the previous day. A few sips of water can be taken.
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