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Common reasons You Would Need to See an OMS Surgeon

Posted on 5/23/2022 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Common reasons You Would Need to See an OMS SurgeonAn OMS surgeon treats facial conditions, both cosmetic and restorative. Although the idea of a surgical procedure doesn't sound as pleasant, OMS, undeniably, has an immense effect on the facial, head, and neck regions. Recently, advancements in the technological and practical OMS field have made the procedures less complicated, invasive, and, therefore, not as unpleasant. OMS surgeons are highly skilled in managing oral complications, both simple and complex. Procedures like corrective jaw surgery, tooth extractions, maintenance of wisdom teeth, and orthodontic surgery.

Common OMS Procedures

Dental implants, among other prosthetics, are a common reason you would need to visit an OMS surgeon. Prosthetic surgery also referred to as orthodontic surgery, involves removing teeth and fitting the dental pontic. Orthodontic treatment involves an intense examination of the oral structure to ensure they are fit to hold the prosthetic device. Orthodontic surgery helps restore function and improve appearance as missing or damaged teeth are restored.

Corrective jaw surgery aims at solving jaw abnormalities that cause problems in chewing, swallowing, sleeping, or speaking. Also referred to as orthognathic surgery, this procedure corrects the skull structure and neck abnormalities. Surgeons make incisions to access the bony structure and realign or reconstruct it to bring harmony to the facial and surrounding region.

Wisdom teeth maintenance is necessary when they start to erupt to track growth and ensure some complex treatments are avoided. Sometimes, wisdom teeth may erupt abnormally, causing overcrowding, severe pain, bite misalignment, disease, and infection to the nearby teeth, as cleaning between them is usually difficult.

The OMS has to perform a surgical extraction. These dental surgeons also perform complex teeth extractions on impacted teeth, such as trauma or disease. A general dentist usually carries out teeth extraction. However, some situations may prompt the involvement of a surgeon, for example, if the tooth is broken below the gum line after suffering a facial blow.
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