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Do All Bony Growths Require Removal?

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Do All Bony Growths Require Removal?In most cases, people with bony growths aren't aware that they are there. This means that they mostly don't cause any problems. Therefore, not all bony growths require removal. The two common types of bony growths are Torus Mandibularis (TM) and Torus Palatinus (TP). TP occurs when there's a nodular growth around the roof of the mouth or in the midline of the hard palate. On the other hand, TM is when there is a growth in the lingual area at the mouth's floor. However, there are some cases when bony growths become harmful and will need to be removed.

When Do Bony Growths Need Removal?

In most cases, bony growths don't pose any risks; therefore, they don't need removal. However, some cases of bony growths have been linked with inflammation of the jaw. Studies have linked this mild inflammation to clenching and tooth grinding. The increased functioning of the jaw also contributes to inflammation. When you use your jaw too much, it can lead to inflammation, a condition that could cause TMD. Bony growths play a role in the development of this condition. Therefore, if bony growths are contributing to the development of TMD, they will need to be removed.

Furthermore, bony growths might have to be removed if they are interfering with the normal functioning of the mouth. When bony growths develop into large sizes, they might interfere with normal mouth functions like chewing and speaking. If you wear dentures, oversized bony growths will make them very uncomfortable. Any of these conditions will need you to get bony growths removed. You can visit our offices to get the bony growths removed. Our dentists will remove them under local anesthesia. This is a simple process that involves lifting the soft tissue and exposing the growth. It will then be trimmed down by various dental tools. Visit our offices for more information on bony growths.
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