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What We Do When We Examine Crown Fractures

Posted on 9/6/2021 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
What We Do When We Examine Crown FracturesA fractured crown is a dental emergency that needs urgent care. There are several factors that can fracture a dental crown, including age and physical damage. While a dental crown is strong enough to last for at least a decade, it eventually wears out. Apart from wearing out, physical activities can cause fractures to your dental crown by exerting pressure on them. Some of these activities include biting down on hard things, teeth clenching and teeth grinding. Therefore, in case of a dental crown emergency, contact us immediately. Once you visit our offices, our professionals will handle you accordingly and take the necessary steps to save your dental health.

What We Do

Our professionals will examine the extent of your crown fracture. Determining the size of the fracture helps us know which treatment method is appropriate. In case the crack is tiny, our professionals will repair it by bonding the crown with composite resin. If it is a large and severe fracture, we will recommend a brand new dental crown. Apart from the crown fracture, our professionals will also look at your tooth. If the dental crown sustained significant impact to an extent that it got fractured, chances are your tooth sustained damage as well. If that is the case, we will also repair your tooth. Fixing the crown alone will have little impact because it is anchored on that particular tooth.

Don't Solve Dental Problems at Home

It is very important that you avoid trying to fix the problem on your own. Crown fractures are very complicated and demand the skills of our experienced professionals. Trying to repair them at home can lead to total damage of the crown. Therefore, in cases of crown fractures, let us know right away. Visit our offices for more information on how we handle crown fractures.
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