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Can Poor Posture Really Lead to Chronic Jaw Pain?

Posted on 4/12/2021 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Can Poor Posture Really Lead to Chronic Jaw Pain?When you consider the issues poor posture can cause, you probably think about back and shoulder pain right away. But did you know that poor posture can contribute to chronic jaw pain as well?

How Your Posture Affects Your Jaw

Poor posture usually involves slumped and rounded shoulders, tilted-out hips, and a forward-pushing head. When your head is pushed forward, your jaw and neck muscles become strained, which can lead to aches and pain in your jaw. This “forward head posture” can also cause the condyles of your jaw (the rounded ends of your jaw bone that sit below your ears) to sink further into their sockets, which also causes pain.

In addition to jaw pain, forward head posture can cause other TMJ disorder symptoms as well. If you also have frequent headaches, neck pain, ringing in your ears, popping, or clicking noises when you open your mouth, difficulty chewing, or trouble opening your mouth all the way, your posture could be to blame.

How to Fix Chronic Jaw Pain from Poor Posture

It can be difficult to maintain proper posture if you sit in front of a computer most of the day for work. However, good posture while standing and sitting is essential for preventing pain and aligning your whole body, including your head and jaw. You should stand with your shoulders back, spine lengthened, and chest forward, making sure your chin does not jut out. While sitting, your upper body should be the same as when you are standing, and your lower back and buttocks should touch the back of your chair. Physical therapy, a back pillow for your desk chair, supportive footwear, and exercise can all be helpful in improving posture as well.

We can talk to you about other ways to make sure your jaw is aligned. You may be a good candidate for a custom mouth guard that can help align your jaw and fix bite issues, jaw pain, and other TMJ symptoms. Contact us to learn more.
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