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How to Slow the Effects of Nightly Bruxism

Posted on 10/5/2020 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
How to Slow the Effects of Nightly BruxismBruxism is a serious condition which can cause a variety of problems to a patient's teeth. It can increase mouth sensitivity, tooth pain, jaw pain and even earaches and tension headaches. If left untreated, bruxism can wear down tooth enamel to the point the outer protective layer is completely worn away, exposing the dentin in the interior of the tooth. These teeth are highly susceptible to infection, which can bring about the need for root canals or even tooth removal.

It is important to treat bruxism before the need for restorative dentistry occurs. These procedures can be invasive, time consuming, and very expensive.

Treatment Options

A patient can get a mouthguard or splint to help them stop grinding their teeth. These appliances are relatively inexpensive when compared to the invasive procedures necessary to correct tooth erosion. These keep the upper and lower teeth apart so the patient cannot grind their teeth. This will greatly diminish the strain on the jaw and lessen the chances of needing surgery for TMD or TMJ problems.

In some cases, it may be recommended to have a procedure to reduce the biting surface of the teeth. This is used when the teeth are overly crowded in a patient's mouth. In other situations, a patient's teeth may have material added to them to restore worn teeth and improve biting surfaces.

For most patients, the cause of bruxism is related to stress. If you are going through a particular stressful time in their life, it is important to try different stress relieving techniques. These can include yoga and meditation to relax. This should be practiced before bed, so you are in a relaxed state as they drift off to sleep.
Another technique is to simply train yourself to not grind your teeth. It is important to alleviate bruxism before teeth are so eroded that invasive procedures are necessary. Contact us if you have questions concerning bruxism.

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