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When Does Bleeding Become Worrisome after Oral Surgery?

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
When Does Bleeding Become Worrisome after Oral Surgery?If bleeding becomes a problem after you have had oral or jaw surgery, you need to contact us immediately. Profuse bleeding is not normal, so it needs to be investigated and addressed.

What Is Normal Bleeding and What Is Not So Normal after Jaw Surgery?

If you go through orthognathic surgery, or jaw surgery, minor bleeding is common. In fact, your saliva may contain blood for several days after the procedure. However, you should call us about heavy bleeding and clots, as this is atypical. You do not have to worry if you experience intermittent nasal bleeding either. Around the end of the week, after the surgery, a dark water discharge will flow from the nose.

When You Should Worry after a Tooth Extraction

You will experience bleeding right after a tooth extraction. Placing a piece of gauze over the area is usually done to soak up the blood and stanch the blood flow. Subtle oozing of blood should be expected for the next 48 hours. Should the blood flow become excessive, you can control it my moistening a gauze pad and biting down to maintain pressure on the site.

You might also try placing a moistened tea bag on the site instead of the pad. Gently bite down for about 30 minutes. The tannic acid in the tea will cause the blood vessels to contract. To avoid excess bleeding, sit slightly inclined, as sitting upright can increase the circulation to the head. If the site is still bleeding after 48 hours, you need to call us about the problem immediately.

Bleeding is common after jaw surgery or an extraction. However, it can become a worry if it continues after a certain length of time or the flow is too heavy. Follow the instructions carefully for aftercare so you can notify us of any unusual problems with bleeding.

If you need to schedule any type of oral surgery, ask questions about pre-operative and post-operative care Give us a call today if you have specific questions about oral and maxillofacial procedures, or you would like to schedule a surgery.

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