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Orofacial Pain is Something We Can Help Fix

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Orofacial Pain is Something We Can Help FixOrofacial pain is a common type of dentistry problem. It is when a patient experiences pain in the mouth, teeth, gums, jaw, face, or head. Orofacial pain is mostly caused by poor dental health or dental issues. If this is the case for the pain you are suffering from, our professional team can successfully relieve and treat it.

Diagnosing Orofacial Pain

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, then you may be suffering from orofacial pain:

•  Temperature Sensitivity
•  Toothache in one or several teeth
•  Pain or Sensitivity When Chewing
•  Jaw Pain

When you suffer from any type of dental pain, you should schedule a check-up. Our team will begin by examining the problem area. The patient will be asked where the pain is coming from and how it started – for example, whether they suffered an injury, or the pain started when chewing.
Our team will then check for any damage to tooth enamel, bleeding gums, tooth decay, swelling or abscess, and any injuries. This will help in determining why the patient is experiencing dental pain and therefore treating it.

Orofacial Pain Treatment

Whether the patient is suffering from orofacial pain because of surgery, dental treatment, or after a traumatic injury. Diagnosing this type of pain can be difficult as there can be many causes. But we can resolve the issue by recommending treatment, after successfully examining the area.
Patients can experience pain in their cheeks, head, eyes, ears, sinuses, neck, and many other places. Underlying medical conditions, injuries, teeth grinding, and surgery can also be a cause of orofacial pain. Therefore, the patient will require an in-depth examination.
Patients with existing dental problems are more commonly at risk of suffering from orofacial pain. If the pain goes ignored and untreated, it may result in the issue getting worse over time and potentially loss of teeth.

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