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How Your Life Could Cause Issues with Your TMJ

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
How Your Life Could Cause Issues with Your TMJWhen it comes to serious dental issues such as TMJ and similar problems, there is absolutely nothing more important going on in your life when you are having a flare up or some other type of manifestation. Because teeth and jaws contain some of the most sensitive and deeply rooted veins in our bodies, the pain associated with various conditions is exponentially magnified. For TMJ sufferers who find that everything else in their life takes a backseat when it begins to become bothersome, here are a few ways in which your daily life or activities could be making it worse:

Stress and Anxiety

This is one of the biggest culprits of a spike in TMJ symptoms. A very common unconscious behavior when dealing with worry or frustration is to clench down and grind one's teeth. And as anyone who has ever suffered from this disorder knows, that is one of the surest ways to set it right off. The best thing you can do for that, besides coming and seeing us, of course, is to make a concerted effort to recognize when stress is coming on and to make it a point not to clench your jaw.

Physical Activity and Contact Sports

Another common cause of aggravation of TMJ is playing a physical sport. Football, basketball, hockey, any form of MMA, boxing, or regular martial arts, can all easily bring accidental or purposeful, severe contact with your face or jaw and instantly bring on a flare up.

For more information about the many things can worsen TMJ symptoms, as well as to have an evaluation of your case, we urge you to get in touch with our clinic as soon as you can make the time to do so. This kind of issue tends to get much worse, very rapidly, as you very well know.
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