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What To Do With Bony Growths Of The Mouth

Posted on 7/7/2020 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
What To Do With Bony Growths Of The MouthExostosis is a term used to refer to the overgrowth of calcified bone in the mouth. These overgrowths can be found both in the upper and lower jaws. While this condition might seem quite painful, it is not only benign, but it might also require little to no treatment. Very often, you might have the growth in your mouth, but fail to notice it, especially if they aren't causing any disruption in your dental health or how you articulate words.

Types Of Exostoses

Exostoses are named according to where they appear in the mouth. The most common types are the Torus Mandibularis (TM) and the Torus Palatinus (TP). While the TP will form in the mid-line of the roof of the mouth, the TM will form in the lingual area of the mouth's floor, often adjacent to the premolars and canines. With the exception of the TP, these growths are typically bilateral, which means that they form on both sides of the mouth.

They will feel like a hard mass of bone covered by tissue. While the growths might not have an effect on the mouth, they can disrupt normal mouth function if they grow large enough. Also, the tissue that covers them is typically thin and scratch-prone, which can easily lead to ulcers.


Treatment is only done in rare cases when the growths cause a disruption. You can also seek treatment in case you feel that the growths are causing an issue with the aesthetics of your mouth. The bone will need to be trimmed using specialized dental equipment, and the remaining tissues sutured back in place. Modern advances in dental care technology have also made it easier for the growths to be eliminated in a less invasive manner.

Bony growths can be disruptive to the aesthetics of your mouth, as well as how it functions. The good thing is that they can be removed. Visit us today to have the growths eliminated.

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