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Reasons Not to Ignore Snoring

Posted on 4/25/2020 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Reasons Not to Ignore Snoring Snoring is one of those things that often times people simply ignore. So many times, it is even dismissed as being cute or comical when it's not too loud. With all sorts of funny euphemisms such as sawing logs and getting your zzz's, it's no wonder we tend to just dismiss it as harmless and unimportant. But the truth of the matter is that snoring is actually a warning sign that something much more serious could be at work. At the very least, there is some kind of blockage or obstruction in a person's airway that is preventing them from getting the proper amount of oxygen. That alone is worthy of attention. But there are also other possible causes that are even more serious. Today, for the sake of brevity, will be looking at only two examples, but they are critical ones:

Clogged Arteries

This is one that you certainly don't want to ignore. Medical research has shown that people who snore longer and louder are at greater risk of long-term stroke and other similar health events. As these arteries continue to build up a blockage, they make the transport of oxygen more difficult when sleeping.

Blood Pressure and Heart Disease

Another reason that a person might be snoring regularly when they are asleep could be due to high blood pressure and/or heart disease as well. As the snoring worsens over time, so might the underlying factors, increasing the risk of a cardiac event along with it. To find out more about whether or not your snoring can be helped with a simple mouthpiece or other dental sleeping appliance, or if it is indicative of a more serious health issue which needs attention, just drop by our office and speak with one of our helpful staff of oral health professionals.
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