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Why You Need to Call Us if You Hear Your Jaw Click

Posted on 2/29/2020 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Why You Need to Call Us if You Hear Your Jaw ClickFor many of us, sometimes when we open our mouths it is possible we might hear a click that sounds like something moving in the jaw.

It is entirely likely it could be a very common issue known as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain. Though for the most part it happens on its own and nobody really knows why, you can prevent some of the issues simply by knowing what to look out for.

What Are Some Causes of TMJ?

Some believe that this joint disorder can be genetic, affecting more women than it does men. It can occur when a soft cartilage disc in the jaw is out of position. Whenever the mouth opens, it shifts back into place, which is why there is a sound. When the mouth closes, it dislocates, causing the click again. It can be more annoying than harmful and many people can feel self-conscious about it. Ultimately, it is only when it becomes chronic that most have serious issues with it.

There are ways to work with it to alleviate the symptoms and perhaps even eliminate them. It can be caused from overuse of the muscles, so something like gum chewing can cause the clicking sound you hear. Those who are overly stressed may also benefit from some over-the-counter medicines or relaxation techniques to help reduce the effects of teeth grinding. If allowed to progress over long-term, it can cause issues with speaking, eating, and even prevent adequate sleep patterns. This makes it especially important to come in and see us before it causes serious problems.

TMJ does not have to be a source of anxiety for you, and can be restored through a few basic lifestyle changes. If you would like to learn more information and have any questions, call our office and we can discuss your options.
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