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What to Avoid In the First Few Days After Graft Surgery

Posted on 2/15/2020 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
What to Avoid In the First Few Days After Graft SurgeryReceiving graft therapy can make a huge difference in how your mouth looks and feels. Not only can it help you to prepare for the possibility of dental implants, you may also discover that your dentures or plates may fit much better as well.

Many who receive a graft find that it can be one of the best ways to prepare for a future of better dental health. As with any procedure involving soft tissue manipulation, there may be some limitations you should be aware of following oral surgery.

What to Expect After Grafting

There is likely to be some bleeding and swelling after surgery. Some redness is common and could benefit from applying a piece of gauze to absorb the excess. In the first few days following grafting, the swelling may increase in intensity. An ice pack can minimize the discomfort significantly. There might be some stiffness in the jaw, but this can be remedied through the use of a heating pad if necessary.

What to Avoid After Surgery

Try to stay away from anything that is too hard to chew, which can even include foods that appear to be tender but might actually cause discomfort on your jaw. It is a good idea to eat only soft and cold foods for the first few days after your procedure. You should stay hydrated, but avoid eating or drinking anything too hot while your mouth is still numb because you might not realize the damage you may be doing if you cannot feel it. Staying away from cigarettes can also improve the healing process.

You should try to abstain from poking and prodding the wound while it is healing. Even though you may be curious, trying to look at the graft might cause stitches to dislodge. If you have any concerns about your graft, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.
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