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Ways to Tell If a Toothache is an Abscess

Posted on 1/15/2020 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Ways to Tell If a Toothache is an AbscessThere is a major difference between a toothache and an abscessed tooth. Toothaches are minor and can sometimes come and go, an abscessed tooth if left untreated too long. It can become life threatening.

Signs of a Toothache

If you have minor aches and pains that are coming from one tooth, specifically, look for signs of swelling. If there aren't signs of swelling it doesn't immediately rule out an abscess, but it may be coming down the road. If the pain you are feeling is actually coming from multiple teeth and it's minor, it may be a sign you have lost some enamel from poor oral habits or you're brushing too hard.

Drinking something cold or hot will usually separate an ache from an abscess. Minor pain comes from a toothache, a spike in pain with hot and cold is a sign of an abscessing tooth. If the pain lasts longer than a few hours, it's a problem. Minor tooth aches and pain should dissipate after a few hours as the body adjusted.

Signs Your Tooth is Abscessing

If you have a fever in conjunction to a toothache, it is a major red flag, it is also dangerous. Fever may indicate bacteria from the infected tooth has made its way into your bloodstream. If you have swelling, puffiness, or sensitivity that is major. Any difficulty eating, drinking or swallowing, they all point to an abscessed tooth. If you experience a toothache and then a foul taste in your mouth or blood.

It's time to seek emergency dental care or even a doctor. Again, if you have a fever that follows any of these conditions, it's important to seek medical help. People die every year in emergency rooms by waiting too long to address an abscessed tooth and then the infection spreads to other areas of the body critically.

If you have major pain in a tooth, please call us today. It's important to note that an abscessed tooth will not go away on its own. Even if it's burst and the pain subsides, the bacteria will continue to spread until it's addressed.
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