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Treatment Options for a Peg Tooth

Posted on 9/20/2019 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Treatment Options for a Peg ToothSome people struggle with a condition called a peg tooth. This is a condition where a tooth does not grow in normally. The result affects the way a person looks and feels about themselves.

Like many other oral health issues, there are options. One is to do nothing. The other option is to look for some type of treatment. There are some options that people with a peg tooth have.

What Are They?
Peg teeth are also known as Dracula teeth because of their appearance. Some people confuse peg teeth with their baby teeth because they do not grow to the same size as their other adult teeth. The cause of peg teeth is often congenital and could mean that there is something else happening. For many people, a peg tooth is not a major problem, although it will not function in the same way as a full-sized adult tooth. Sie people may experience alignment problems because of the gaps around the peg tooth.

Treating the Peg Tooth

Many people will do nothing about the peg tooth, while others will want to fix it to enhance their appearance. There are three good options to correct the peg tooth. The first option is veneers. A veneer is a thin layer that goes over the peg tooth to make it appear normal. The veneer is not a structural element and is not as strong as a natural tooth. It is a solution when the peg tooth is not that much smaller than the natural teeth.

A second option is a crown that fits over the peg tooth. The peg tooth supports the crown and it is stronger than the veneers, but it is still not as strong as a natural tooth. The third option is an implant. This requires removing the peg tooth and replacing it with an implant. The result is a tooth that looks and works like the natural teeth. It is the most permanent solution to a peg tooth.

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