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What Is Full Facial Reconstruction?

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Malmquist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
What Is Full Facial Reconstruction?A full facial reconstruction is a term that describes various procedures undertaken to restore the function and form of an individual's face which has abnormalities caused by illness, trauma, or congenital disability. There can either be a few procedures carried out or surgery performed for facial reconstruction effectiveness. The needs of a patient are mostly the determinant in this case. An experienced facial reconstruction surgeon is the only expert capable of a successful procedure.

How A Facial Reconstruction helps

There comes so many benefits to a facial reconstruction procedure for patients. Some of the gains have been discussed as listed. One advantage of getting a facial reconstruction is the removal of tumors, facial scars as well as disease. An improved appearance is an advantage as well. Patients who have their facials reconstructed notice their ability to drink, eat and speak improve. Life, in general, also improves after the reconstruction process.

Having A Customized Facial Reconstruction done

Full facial reconstruction is a highly customized technique. There is a wide range of techniques that come into place as far as facial reconstruction is considered. The extent of the surgery procedure and the face areas needing surgical repair make the facial reconstruction needs of patients differ. Patients suitable for facial reconstruction include those with a facial disease, facial irregularities, and congenital disabilities.

Contacting A Full Facial Reconstruction Surgeon

Finding the best reputable facial reconstruction surgeon near you is the first step to getting your needs catered. Find a contact that you can call or email to reach out to a surgeon and discuss what your needs are. Know the type of services a facial surgeon offers and how much it will cost you to get it done. Finally, get a few referrals, so you ensure that the surgeon has worked in this field for sufficient years.
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